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 Rules & Guidelines

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The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games

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Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Rules & Guidelines   Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Mar 24, 2014 12:17 pm



Rag & Bone has rules that are not hard to follow, like every other site we have restrictions to what you can and cannot do. Not following the rules will result in warnings and or bans from the forums. If you have any ideas or rules you would like to had, or you'd like to clarify a rule, please contact a staff member or post in the Support Center forum.

01.REGISTRATION. On R&B, each character has their own separate account. This means that you have to post with that character's account to roleplay with that character. One account for multiple characters will not be accepted. All members of Rag & Bone must be of 13 years of age or older due to the content of the forum as well as the rules of Forumotion, the forum's host.
When you register your account, you must register in this format: First Last. An example is: Katniss Everdeen. Any variations of this will also not be accepted. All accounts must have separate e-mails, and the system will tell you if the e-mail is already being used. If you're having trouble registering, ask a member in the C-box and they can gladly help you.
02.CHARACTER CREATION. When you create your character, please try not to use the same name as someone else already registered on the forum. We don't need a Sarah in every District. When posting your application, you must use the APPLICATION FORM, and fill it out correctly. The Application's header is in all caps for a reason, don't change or modify any of the code or you will be asked to change it. You also must post your Application in the correct forum.

COMPLETE: This forum is for applications that will be completed when they are first posted.
INCOMPLETE: This forum is for applications that will be completed within time. If you post your application here, reply to it when you are done. You must complete your application within 10 days or it will be archived.

After your application is reviewed, if it needs some work done do it, it will be moved to Pending. This means that you must make some changes to your application before it can be accepted. Once your application is accepted, it is moved to the Panem Files, based upon Membergroup. You can read about other characters in the Files as well.
03.ROLEPLAYING. Rag & Bone does not have a Word Count, however we do value Quality over Quantity, meaning your posts will be held to a certain standard. This is especially in the Hunger Games if your character becomes a Tribute. Let's give you an example:

Okay so your character are in the Hunger Games, and he and someone else are fighting...
Quote :
Peeta felt his head get hit. It hurt. He then threw a punch.

This is nice and short and sweet, yeah? However, you can be WAY more specific, and give background story.

Quote :
After Cato knocked Peeta upside the head with the hammer, he felt his head throw back, and then he became furious. He had to win this for Katniss. Now that she was dead, he knew that she would want him, and only him to win. He saw Cato smiling menacely, and with all his might, he swung his fist for Cato's throat.

Do you understand what we're saying? Good. :DThis post isn't that long either, however it is acceptable! Keep in mind you don't have to type us a whole book! Smile

Also, you are not allowed to god-mod other characters. This is controlling them without their permission. An example of this:

Quote :
...When Cato moved out of the way, he slipped and fell and Peeta could now attack...

Now we're saying that Cato never moved and slipped, however if this really did happen (the roleplayer said so), then you are repeating what happened.
04.CHATBOX. R&B's Chatbox is located on the left sidebar. Only staffer's names are in CAPS. Avatars can be added in the email/url link field. Just use the image url. Avatars are 80x80. Keep it PG-13 Wink
05.OOC CONDUCT. Out of Character, we are like one big huge family. So lets keep the drama in-character. Try not to make each other mad, just chat and have fun. Also, keep language toned down a bit, you can use profanity, just not too much.
06.GRAPHICS. All graphics should be appropriate. No nudity, or offensive terms. All avatars should be 200x300, and all signatures should be no larger than 500x300. Also, buttons are allowed, but not too many!

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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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Rules & Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rules & Guidelines   Rules & Guidelines EmptyMon Jun 23, 2014 10:31 am


07.THE HUNGER GAMES REAPING. The official rules of the Hunger Games are explained before they actually start, however this section will mainly focus on how to be in the Games. When the time rolls around, you will choose what characters will go into the Reaping. However, you must have at least one to make it fair for other people. Also, because of this, you can purposely make characters just to be reaped. But, you must post with them, not just leave them lying around until the Reaping comes. Once the Tesserae Claim comes, you will tell which of your characters are going into the Reaping, and claim the correct amount of Tesserae (everyone must claim Tesserae, even if you're from D1, etc.) based upon the amount of family members you have. You will also call whichever characters safe.

Please note that characters above the age of 18 or below the age of 12 are not reapable. So if your character is 18, and you save them, by the time they next Games rolls around, they won't be able to be reaped, and you'll just have to play out the rest of their life in Panem.

Usually, the Reaping will take place no later than the next week after the closing of the Tesserae Claim. This is when:

1. NPCs (if need be) will be determined.
2. You can volunteer your character as a Tribute.

You will know about NPCs if we make an announcement about them. If we don't, then we don't need anyone else to play them, most likely meaning that we are. NPCs cannot win the Games, but can make it until the end of Day 2. After which they must die.

When you volunteer, your reason for doing so must be a good enough reason. If not, we have the right to deny your volunteering.

If you have any questions, PM Tony. If these rules are changed at any time, we will let you know.

Rules & Guidelines Rab20128
Rules & Guidelines Output10
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Rules & Guidelines

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