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 Cora Youngs

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Cora Youngs
Cora Youngs
Dead Tribute
Dead Tribute

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PostSubject: Cora Youngs   Cora Youngs EmptyWed May 21, 2014 11:21 pm

Cora Youngs
District Nine , 18 , Student , Audrey TauTou , Lizzy

Cora stands at a petite height of five feet. Her slender body and small features are often referred to as pixie-like. She keeps her dark brown hair cut short, this way, the natural waves delicately frame her face. Cora has large brown eyes and a pointed nose and chin. She also has ruby red lips and two dimples that peek out when she smiles.

During the summer months, light freckles dot Cora's cheeks and the birthmark on her right shoulder becomes more prominent. She has very slender fingers and thin legs that move fluidly after years of dancing. She has a bad habit of slouching slightly when she sits, but her mother constantly reminds her to sit up straight or her thin frame “may become hunchbacked.”

Cora's skin is lightly tanned, but it does not set her apart from the crowd. She tends to keep her appearance average so that she can go unnoticed. Cora prefers to wear dresses rather than pants, but she often must wear pants over dresses so that she can save her dresses for when she dances. A long scar interrupts the smooth skin on Cora's lower back motivating her to avoid dresses that expose this area of skin.

Cora is a very quite and reserved girl. She prefers to blend in with the crowd and does not enjoy being the center of attention, even if the audience is merely one person. When Cora does speak, she normally uses a very soft voice that is easily overpowered by other voices. She prefers to stay in her comfort zone and this comfort zone is extremely small.

Cora prefers to be amongst a handful close friends rather than a large group of strangers. She keeps to herself during school and in her free time, Cora likes to find a secluded area to practice dance. She is very passionate about dance and practices whenever she can. Cora also enjoys reading, but has never been at the top of her class. She will occasionally do poor on a test on purpose so that she can stay in the average ranking. Cora works hard to keep herself hidden from watchful eyes and she is very paranoid around peacekeepers.

Cora hates violence and tries to be neutral in any argument or conflict. She often worries that if she states her opinion, others might hate her or attack her for it. Sometimes this can cause her to be a bit of a pushover. She does stand up for herself easily and would rather submit to an idea she does not agree with instead of fighting back. She especially fears the Capitol and the peacekeepers around her District. Cora also hates the Hunger Games and she often becomes ill on the days of the reaping. She hates watching the Games and sometimes faints during extremely gruesome scenes.

Cora is a romantic at heart and dreams of finding someone who loves her despite her faults. Even though she hopes to have a large and loving family, Cora avoids new people, especially boys. She is very self-conscious and paranoid over her appearance and personality so she feels the need to hide from the opposite gender.

Cora was born to Alexander and Lucinda Youngs. She has one other sibling, a twin brother named Bentley. She is very close to her twin brother and he has become her rock to cling to. Since she was a child, Cora loved to watch her mother dance. When she was old enough, Cora began to copy her mother's movements and now she creates her own dances when she is alone. Cora was always very close to her family and when the family had to split, it crushed her.

When she was thirteen, her father began having trouble bringing home enough money to support the family. The small family began to slowly starve and her father became more and more desperate. One night, he stole several loaves of bread as well as turkey to help feed his family. When the peacekeepers discovered that he was the culprit, they immediately surrounded the house and drug Alexander away. In the chaos, Lucinda became hysterical and resisted the peacekeeper that held her back. Because of her resistance against the peacekeepers, she was beaten and left unconscious with the twins.

Cora's mind has suppressed this memory and she does not remember very much of it, but what she does remember often haunts her in vivid nightmares. Her brother taught her self defense soon after that night in the hopes that if something like that were to happen again, she would be able to protect herself. Lucinda, their mother, has never been the same since the night her husband was taken away. The family has not seen nor heard from Alexander since and they try not to think about what could have happened to him. Bentley has become the main provider for the family but Cora tries to help him whenever she can.

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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Re: Cora Youngs   Cora Youngs EmptyThu May 22, 2014 7:24 pm

member was sent a PM, for THE HUNGER GAMES. All Tributes should use the TRIBUTE SIGNUPS thread as a FIRST REFERENCE!

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Cora Youngs

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