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 Calypso Nimf

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Calypso Nimf
Calypso Nimf
District Four
District Four

Alias : Lizzy
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PostSubject: Calypso Nimf   Calypso Nimf EmptyThu May 22, 2014 12:10 pm

Calypso Nimf
District Four , 14 , Career , Danielle Parker , Lizzy

Calypso stands at about 5 feet tall and has a slim, healthy build from her training as a Career. Her blue-green eyes seem to dance with warmth and are highlighted by just a touch of makeup. Golden hair falls over her shoulders and for special events, Calypso will style it into soft curls. Calypso's teeth are almost always peeking out since she smiles and laughs constantly.

Even though she lives in sunny District Four where there is never a shortage of beaches, Calypso is a bit pale due to her blonde hair. Calypso's nails are normally cut short and have sand or dirt lodge underneath from one of her 'adventures'. On the hottest days of the summer, Calypso must be careful or risk sunburn since she burns very easily. The one thing about her appearance that has always bothered Calypso is the scar running down her right leg. Along with the jagged scar, Calypso's right foot and toes are a bit deformed from the same incident that caused the scar on her leg.

Calypso is a very bubbly and energetic girl. Even though she is fourteen, almost fifteen, Calypso is what most would call “a child at heart.” Small things such as adventures, wishing on stars, and coming up with wild stories fascinate her. Calypso always sees the bright side of things. When a friend of hers, or even a stranger, is upset, Calypso makes it her goal to cheer them up and take their mind off of problems. Of course, such a childlike personality makes Calypso very naive and she doesn't truly understand how brutal and unforgiving the Hunger Games are.

Calypso is a bit of a pushover. When others suggest something, Calypso finds herself going along with it whether she truly wants to or not. Because she is always trying to make everyone happy, Calypso is easily manipulated and has to have others stand up for her at times. Unlike most families, the Nimf family does not put as much pressure on their daughter over training and because of this, Calypso is not as advanced in Career training as others her age. Calypso is very swift and silent when she wants to be and she is also fairly handy with a knife, slingshot, and poison darts. Other weapons are too large or complicated for the small girl.

Calypso loves to be around her friends. When she isn't forced to sit still in school or at home, Calypso is normally exploring a new place or with friends. Besides the scar running down her right leg, there are only two other things that truly upset Calypso: death and the ocean. To most this sounds odd, “a Career girl of District 4 that is afraid of death and the ocean?” Ever since she can remember, Calypso has been very sensitive when it comes to the death of anything or anyone. Whether it is a flower growing outside her window, a small animal, or a person, Calypso hates the thought of death and can become hysterical in some situations. During the Hunger Games, Calypso frequently must leave the living room when a tribute is killed or risk breaking down. Calypso's fear of the ocean is due to the incident that scarred and deformed her right leg. Calypso's parents are unhappy with how their child refuses to go too far down the beach and they are determined to get her back into the habit of swimming: whether she wants to or not.

Calypso is the oldest of three children. She has two younger brothers, Marlin and Finley, who are four and three respectively. Calypso's parents never pressured her to start training any earlier than age twelve and even at the age of fourteen, she is not forced to spend all day training. Calypso is very close to her family and she enjoys playing with her younger brothers just as much as she enjoys playing with friends or by herself.

When Calypso had just begun training as a Career, a terrible accident occurred leaving her terrified of the ocean and with a scar and deformed foot as constant reminders. She was practicing her swimming in deeper water and began wandering into an area that had not been patrolled recently. Suddenly, a shark grabbed Calypso by the right leg and foot, dragging her underwater. Luckily, someone exploring a secluded cove nearby heard Calypso's screams and got help.

Calypso survived the incident and thanks to her parents’ ability to pay for the very best medical attention, Calypso managed to keep her leg. Unfortunately this left Calypso terrified of going near the ocean edge and with a large scar running the length of her right leg along with her right toes deformed. At first, Calypso was unable to run as swiftly and quietly as she had before. With practice however, she can now run even faster than before and sneak up on even the most observant Careers.

Calypso's second fear, death, was also spurred by another incident in her past. When Calypso was about four, her mother had to have surgery. While her parents were at the hospital, Calypso was left in the care of her grandmother. During dinner, Calypso's grandmother had a heart attack and the young four year old did not know what to do. It was not until the next day when her father came to pick her up that anyone realized what had happened. Calypso still has nightmares where she relives the terrifying experience of watching her grandmother die and she is helpless to save her.
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Tony's Superman
Tony's Superman

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PostSubject: Re: Calypso Nimf   Calypso Nimf EmptyThu May 22, 2014 7:06 pm


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Calypso Nimf

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